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One Month And Counting

posted Apr 27, 2015, 6:02 PM by TNWG IT

The first month of my command has passed very quickly and I would like to highlight some of the happenings from this month.

We have almost completed filling the wing staff positions.  My thanks to everyone who submitted a letter of interest.  This process has provided us with a good pool to choose from, and also lets us know who might be interested should positions become vacant.  Once all positions are filled, we will post the entire staff list on our website.

From the safety standpoint, I have had three mishap reports to work, with one  closed and two still in progress. Safety remains as a number 1 emphasis item for TN Wing.  

There have been updates in Finance reflecting the new administration.  The Finance Committee is currently reviewing the budget for FY 2015 – 2016.

POCs have been named in each Group for both Powered and Glider O-Flights.  The POC is responsible for assisting with promotion of the activity as well as assisting with scheduling flights.  Let’s get our cadets in the air!

All cadet activities are now to be posted on the Wing Calendar at least 14 days prior to the activity.  The unit should also post the activities to the unit calendar.

Wing Staff is currently preparing for the SAV to be held in June.  Telephone interviews begin 18 May 2015.  As a reminder to each of you, your unit’s activities and reporting have a very direct effect on the outcome of the TN Wing SAV and the future Compliance Inspection.  PLEASE take time to complete reports and do your best to stay compliant. Contact your Group Staff if you have any questions.

Col Lane and I presented the third TN Wing Congressional Gold Medal on 4 April 2015.  We have one remaining medal and plans are now underway for that presentation.

Our members are assisting with transportation for the CSAG beginning 30 April until 3 May.  I appreciate everyone who is helping.  

This is only a glimpse of the total number of activities this past month.  I believe that I can truly say the command staff has been amazed at the volume of work that passes through our desk each day.  I must thank Maj Rob Borsari and Capt Jeff Gebhart for everything they have done to make the transition a smooth one.

My thanks also, to all of Wing Staff and to Jeannie Evans, our Wing Administrator.   Jeannie and our Director of Finance, Maj Bill Pfeifer just completed the Finance portion of the SAV.    Thank you both for your hard work.

I visited with Col Lane last Saturday and he asked me if he had left any real problems for me.  I had to reply that “no he had not (thankfully!) because we had now created some of our own problems.” I will take this time to thank Col Lane for making sure that everything was in great shape.  TN Wing has no outstanding Reports Of Survey, and all of our outstanding discrepancies from the CI have been closed. SUIs are up to date thanks to the hard work of Col Lane and the SUI Team.

Month two will bring some exciting new challenges so stay tuned!