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Cadet Programs Directorate

Assists the commander in ensuring the Wing-level Cadet Program fulfills mission objectives and regulatory requirements. Manages and directs all functions related to the Cadet Program for the wing and its subordinate units. They shall:

    • Monitor subordinate unit’s progress toward the achievement of the Cadet Program mission objectives as established by National Headquarters.
    • Ensure cadet protection program (CPP) standards are met for all cadet-related activities hosted by the Wing and monitor subordinate units’ compliance with CPP standards.
    • Provide customer service recovery and conflict resolution services when parents and local leaders require assistance
    • Serve as the wing commander’s action officer on cadet disciplinary matters that require wing-level attention, consistent with the progressive disciplinary standards of CAPR 60-1.
    • Provide expert advice and assistance to the Wing’s cadet community on Cadet Program mission elements, regulatory standards, and best practices.
    • Assist Cadet Programs Officers with their technical training in the specialty track, when needed; lead or oversee the Training Leaders of Cadets courses
    • Administer national cadet special activities as it applies to command level.
    • Provide command-wide cadet special activities.
    • Pass cadet-related information up, down, and across the chain of command to enhance mission success
    • Coordinate and ensure equitable allocation of funds, property, and recognition in the cadet program.

FY2022 Goals
  • Reconnect Squadrons with neighboring Squadrons to better support one another and utilize skill sets from "sister" Squadrons to strengthen Squadrons across the Wing
  • Transition the Wing Cadet Advisory Council to one that is supported by Group Cadet Advisory Councils
  • Bring Funds to the Directorate that can be used for Squadron visits, Wing-level Programs, and Cadet Awards and Recognition
  • Develop Group Cadet Programs Teams that assist units in bringing more motivation and encouragement to their Squadrons
  • Assist Units with strengthening their Cadet Programs Teams through Education, Direct Support, and Encouragement to grow the Cadet Base
  • Be a part of Squadron expansion to get foundational elements in for Cadet Programs with new and emerging Squadrons
  • Develop Wing Programs that encourage Leadership growth and prepare Cadets to lead their Squadron Cadet Programs element
  • Utilize National Cadet Program enhancement to encourage Cadet Promotions and activeness in Civil Air Patrol
  • Maximize Cadet participation in Emergency Services Activities with improved construct and execution of Field Training Exercises and Search and Rescue Exercises
  • Provide a Cadet Advisory Council that brings together the Cadets of the Wing and in turn strengthens the Squadrons in the Wing
  • Support the Operations Directorate through a more organized Orientation Flight Scheduling System
  • Train the Cadet Program Teams to take care of their Specialty Tracks and Professional Levels to, in turn, encourage their own Cadets' growth in the Program
  • Encourage healthy rivalries and Esprit de Corps amongst the Cadets in the Wing
  • Reinvigorate and repopulate Western Tennessee to add a strong and resilient set of Squadrons to bring back Group IV
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TNWG Cadet Programs Directorate